Frameless Glass Balustrades in Melbourne

Our frameless glass balustrading systems will add value to your property and enhance the appearance without obstructing your view. We have a huge range of balustrade designs that can be customised to suit your requirements. Our balustrades can be used on both residential or commercial properties. Our experienced sales staff can assist you in choosing the most appropriate balustrade system for your project.

Using only high quality materials, our frameless glass balustrades in Melbourne consist of stainless steel and 12mm toughened glass panels. Some systems consist of aluminium powder coated hardware which can be color matched to your preference. Our balustrade systems have matching glass pool fencing options to maintain a consistent design throughout your project.

Some balustrades require specific structural preparations to be carried out. This will ensure that your balustrade installation is safe and secure. It is important for your safety to meet the necessary live loads outlined in the Australian Standards AS1288. Our design team is more than happy to discuss these requirements with your builder.

We have a wide range of hardware options and finishes to choose from. With years of experience in the glass industry, we have the knowledge required to provide you with the right solution. Let us tailor your glass and stainless steel balustrade system to suit your requirements. Call us to arrange a free quote.

Our Glass Balustrade Systems…

MP Series

Our Frameless MP series balustrade is a very popular choice with our clients. It consists of 12mm A-grade toughened safety glass and a wide variety of mini posts and handrails to choose from. It is the most versatile and practical style in our balustrade product range.

CH Series

Our Frameless Channel series balustrade provides a very clean and simple appearance. Balustrade glass panels are installed in a bottom channel which is then filled with construction grout. It is a very popular choice amongst architects for both commercial and residential projects.

GA Series

Our Frameless Glass Adaptor balustrades offers the ability to side-fix glass panels in situations where other alternatives are not suitable. This system also maximises available space on your balcony. Most popular use as a glass stair balustrade.

Safety is our number one priority

The Building Code states that frameless glass balustrades require a handrail if greater than one metre above ground level. We have many different handrail options to choose from , ranging from 50mm down to slimline 10mm flat handrails. Our balustrade systems are designed to comply with these standards. While maintaining a seamless design to minimise the interference of your view.

At Totally Frameless we strive to give you the widest possible choices to compliment your building design. We guarantee you the highest quality, safest low maintenance balustrade in Melbourne.

Contact our customer service team via our contact form to arrange a free measure and quote for your next balustrade project.