GA Series Balustrade

GA Series Glass Balustrade Melbourne

Our Frameless Glass Adaptor balustrades offers the ability to side-fix glass panels in situations where other alternatives are not suitable. This system also maximises available space on your balcony, while providing the most uninterrupted views.

Glass panels are fixed using stainless steel 316 grade glass adaptors, with a handrail either mounted on top, or to the side of the glass with mounting brackets.

This elegant, sophisticated, yet sturdy system has been widely adopted in recent years for its minimalist appearance. It can be used in either private homes, commercial buildings, or other residential applications. The lack of frame allows for easy maintenance and the ability to keep them clean.

Our experienced staff can inspect your site to determine suitability for this type of balustrade system, and can also advise you on the necessary preparations required to facilitate the installation requirements for glass adaptors. Please contact us below to find out more.


  • Glass panels are attached to the side of your balcony or stairs using Glass Adaptors
  • This glass balustrading system offers a side-fixed alternative to maximise the space on your balcony
  • Handrails if required can be either mounted on top of the glass, or to the side using brackets
  • The glass adaptors can be fixed into concrete, steel or timber structures


  • The Glass Adaptors are 38mm round with a 25mm or 50mm spacer
  • Glass adaptors are available in brushed, polished or matte black finish
  • Handrails are available in square, round, rectangular or flat profiles
  • Handrails are available in brushed or polished stainless steel or aluminium powder coated finishes

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