Latest Swimming Pool & Spa Fence Laws & Regulations In Victoria

Latest Swimming Pool & Spa Fence Laws & Regulations In Victoria

Latest Swimming Pool & Spa Fence Laws & Regulations In Victoria

Latest Swimming Pool & Spa Fence Laws & Regulations In Victoria

Glass pool fencing is stylish, but most importantly, safe. 

Pool fencing is compulsory in Victorian homes in order to protect young children near the water. Four young Victorian children die on average every year in home swimming pools. There are also a number of children and adults who must attend hospital due to near-drowning incidents that have occurred in residential pools. 

As a pool owner, you must adhere to the specified laws and contribute to the safety of children around water. Your obligation starts with your pool fence being compliant and regularly inspected. Harsh penalties apply to homeowners who fail to meet pool fencing safety standards. 

What are the Rules of Pool Fencing in Victoria?

Domestic pools in Melbourne and wider Victoria must be surrounded by a safety barrier if the water is deeper than 300mm (30cm). If your pool or spa was built after 2010, you must install a four sided barrier, also known as an isolation fence, that cannot be directly accessed from any building including the house.

Compliant safety barriers must adhere to ALL of the following guidelines:

  • Minimum 1.2 metre high fence.
  • Any pool gates must self-close and self-latch. 
  • Gates must only be open when entering or leaving the enclosed area. It is illegal to prop the spa or pool gate open. 
  • Objects that could be climbed to gain access to the pool area must be moved away from the pool fence to 

Rules are subject to change in accordance with local and State laws. Always ensure your pool is assessed by a registered professional. 

Is Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Compliant with Local Laws?

Frameless glass pool fencing is minimum 1.2 metres high and meets the safety guidelines for a compliant pool barrier. In addition, the vertical glass panels have no footholds making it extremely difficult to climb. Glass pool fencing is also extremely strong and will not rust or rot. This means that you can rely on your glass pool fence to be safe and secure for years to come. 

Updated Victorian Pool Fencing Laws

On the 1st of December, 2019, new Victorian laws were established to increase the safety of domestic pools and spas. The new laws mandate that homeowners must register their pool or spa with their local council. 

This law includes any body of water holding more than 30cm of water including indoor pools, permanent pools, above ground pools or spas and hot tubs. 

Once registered, pool or spa owners will be contacted by their local council in regard to the due date for their pool inspection. A registered building surveyor or inspector must issue the compliance certificate if applicable and pool owners have the responsibility to lodge this with their local council.

Contact your local council for information specific to your pool. 

In Victoria, safety barriers are required for all swimming pools and spas with a water depth greater than 300mm. A glass pool fence from a provider like Totally Frameless adheres to the safety guidelines for pool fencingWhen you install a glass pool fence, you contribute to the safety of children and pets around water.

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