Glass Pool Fencing Buying Guide

Melbourne Pool Fencing Buying Guide

Glass Pool Fencing Buying Guide

Melbourne Pool Fencing Buying Guide

Melbourne Pool Fencing Buying Guide

Comparing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing With Other Fencing Options

Installing compliant fencing is an essential and unavoidable part of owning a pool or spa. It creates a safe environment for children near the water and contributes to water safety for all. 

There are numerous fencing options available on the market. When selecting the right pool fence for your home, it is important to consider long term functionality and durability as well as style. 

Below, we compare metal, wooden and glass fencing in regard to key features, explaining why frameless glass pool fencing is the best option on the market. 


Glass pool fencing is the fencing of choice for landscape designers because of its ability to open a space and blend in with surroundings. Metal and timber fencing, however, can enclose a backyard and make it feel smaller. 

Totally Frameless offer a range of pool fencing styles including:

Glass pool fencing is featured in high end homes, resorts and hotels across Australia because of its combination of style and safety. Glass pool fencing allows a space to feel open, integrated and clean. 


There are two major functional advantages of glass fencing that are not features of metal or wooden fencing. 

Firstly, the transparency of glass fencing means that there is an unobstructed view of the water. This is great for parents as they can keep an eye on their children from anywhere in the backyard. This does mean, however, that there is less privacy than a metal or wooden pool fence that blocks an outsider’s view. Secondly, glass pool fencing acts a windbreak while still allowing the sun shine through. The gaps in metal fencing make this impossible. 


The material of your pool fence will greatly determine the level of maintenance required. Wooden fencing is often stained or painted and this coating wears away over time. Owners must maintain its appearance if the topcoat becomes faded or peels. 

Metal fencing is relatively low maintenance, however if damaged or rusted, it must be replaced immediately to avoid injuries. Once again, if colour coated, this must be replaced or repaired if the fence discolours or the topcoat peels off. A simple wash down will remove any dirt or dust from a metal fence. 

Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance. It does not discolour or fade, and can be quickly and easily cleaned with a garden hose and some dishwashing liquid. 


A common misconception about glass pool fencing is that it will crack or shatter. Glass pool fencing is extremely strong, made to withstand extreme conditions and will not rust or rot like other materials. This makes it extremely durable. In fact, glass pool fencing is known to last 4 to 5 longer than traditional forms of pool fencing. 

Wooden fencing can rot, discolour and warp over time. Metal fencing can become rusted or corroded due to water, weather and chemical exposure. Rusty metal, or splintered wood can be dangerous, especially if people have bare feet around the water. 


All compliant pool fencing contributes to the overall safety of your pool. The safety benefits of glass pool fencing that are not present in other fencing materials include:

  • Unobstructed view of the water.
  • Very difficult to climb because there are no footholds.

Glass pool fencing is the best option on the market. It is stylish, durable, low maintenance, functional, and most importantly, safe. If your lock needs to be replaced, you can easily call a tradie or a locksmith that can come out quickly and keep your fence compliant.

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