Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Style, Safety and Durability – 10 Reasons Why Glass Pool Fencing is the Best Option on the Market

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Selecting a new pool fence shouldn’t feel like a choice between safety and aesthetics. With a frameless glass pool fence – you can have both!

Glass pool fencing is a stunning, safe and sturdy product that is the perfect choice, no matter the size of your pool or backyard.

All glass pool fences are functional, low maintenance and blend into any outdoor area, allowing you to have a safe environment and a beautiful space. Here are 10 reasons why you should install frameless glass pool fencing in your Melbourne home.


There is no doubt that glass pool fencing is the most stylish, modern fencing option available. It is featured in high end homes, resorts and hotels across the globe because of its landscape design appeal and other listed benefits. Glass pool fencing allows a space to feel open, integrated and clean.

Totally Frameless offer a range of pool fencing styles including:

Open Backyard Living 

Indoor/ outdoor living is trending and with glass pool fencing, you can ensure that your yard does not finish at the pool fence. The invisibility of a frameless glass pool fence allows you to enjoy your whole yard and ensures outdoor spaces feel spacious.

Low Maintenance 

Unlike wooden or metal fencing, glass pool fencing will not fade, rust or rot. A simple mild detergent and rinse will remove any matter attached to the glass. The glass will maintain its shape and sparkle for years.

Easily View Pool Activity 

Glass pool fencing allows for an unobstructed view of the water. If you need to leave the fenced area, you can maintain sight of the water and ensure your children are safe.

Resistant to Pool Chemicals 

Chlorine is an essential step in maintaining a clean pool. Over time, chlorine and other pool chemicals can cause corrosion on metal fencing, impacting its appearance and structural integrity. Unlike metal, glass pool fencing is not affected by chlorine.

Short, but Strong Spigots

Spigots ensure your glass pool fence is secure. They are made from anodised aluminium or stainless steel allowing them to be stable, but stylish. They do not detract from glass fencing as they are short and barely noticeable, but offer extraordinary strength!

Sturdy and Strong

Glass pool fencing is constructed with tempered glass which is super strong and near impossible to break. The intricate process of creating the glass involves heating it to over 700 degrees then cooling it as quickly as possible. Glass pool fences are designed to withstand great force to provide protection and durability. Tests have dropped concrete on glass pool fencing without it breaking! You can rely on your glass pool fencing to be sturdy and strong for peace of mind.

Glass Pool Fencing also acts as a Windbreak

Glass pool fencing reduces the impact of wind, yet continues to let the sun shine through. These controlled conditions are not experienced in pool areas with metal bar fencing. This benefit encourages homeowners to use their pools in windy conditions and in cooler months, providing greater access to your pool despite the unpredictable weather- especially in Melbourne!

Difficult to Climb 

Metal or wooden pool fencing often has horizontal bars or footholds that children or pets can climb. This defeats the purpose of fencing and can lead to devastating consequences. Glass pool fencing is very difficult to climb and is compliant to all safety standards, protecting your family, visitors and even the local neighbourhood children!

Glass Pool Fencing is Great Investment

Whether you are installing a pool fence in your primary residence, holiday house or investment property, frameless glass pool fencing is an excellent investment. Glass pool fencing is reliable, stylish, safe and durable. It is a trustworthy product that will remain modern for years to come.

Glass pool fencing is the best option on the market. Totally Frameless install high quality, custom pool fencing across Melbourne. Contact us on 9308 7001 for an obligation free quote for all your frameless glass product needs.

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