Glass Pool Fencing Frameless Pool Fencing Systems

Frameless Pool Fencing Systems

Frameless pool fencing comes in a range of styles to suit different applications and personal preferences. Our experienced team will determine which frameless fencing system is most practical for your swimming pool.

Our frameless pool fencing systems consist of 12mm toughened A-grade safety glass and high quality stainless steel and aluminium hardware. As a result you get the safest and most durable frameless glass pool fence in Melbourne.

Furthermore we also offer a design service to assist in obtaining planning permits. Our experienced team will measure your site and determine the most practical solution whilst meeting relevant pool fencing regulations.

MP Series Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fence - Josh and Elyse 2

Our Frameless MP series pool fencing is a very popular choice amongst clients. Comprising of 12mm A-grade toughened safety glass and a wide variety of mini posts to choose from, it is the most versatile and practical style in our glass pool fencing product range. With our MP Series pool fences, Glass panels are inserted Read more…

CH Series Pool Fencing

frameless channel series pool fence

Our Frameless CH series pool fencing provides a very clean, simple minimalist appearance. A very popular choice amongst landscape architects. Generally this type of frameless pool fencing system does not require any hardware. Glass panels are inserted into a channel which is then filled with construction grout. The channel is usually pre-formed in the concrete Read more…

GA Series Pool Fencing

Frameless GA series pool fencing

Our Frameless GA series pool fencing offers the ability to side-fix glass panels in situations where other alternatives are not suitable. In some situations it is necessary to fix glass panels to the side of a structure (i.e. retaining walls). Glass adaptors provide the ability to attach glass panels to either timber, steel or concrete. Read more…