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Staircase Balustrades

We have extensive experience in design and installation of staircase glass balustrades in Melbourne. Ranging from semi-frameless systems with stainless steel posts, to frameless staircase balustrade systems fixed to the side with stainless steel patch fittings, we can design the balustrade to suit any staircase.

The most popular and seamless staircase glass balustrade system is our Frameless GA series. The glass panels are attached to the outside of the staircase stringer or treads using stainless steel glass adaptors. Unlike semi-frameless balustrades which are mounted on top of the stair treads taking up valuable walking space, our frameless GA series provides maximum tread width and the most unobtrusive balustrade to compliment your staircase design.

The handrails can be mounted on top of the glass, or fixed to the side using stainless steel brackets. Handrails are available in a range of different stainless steel profiles, including round, square, rectangle and flat bar tube. Stainless steel finishes can be either mirror polished or brushed.