Glass Balustrades Semi-Frameless Balustrade Systems Pro Patch Series

Pro Patch Series

Our sophisticated range of Pro Patch glass balustrading options consist of 10mm toughened safety glass with 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings, providing the ultimate architectural balustrade system.

Propatch series posts have a series of spider fittings or brackets attached in various ways to which the glass panels are connected using patch fittings. Spider fittings can be attached to the face of the posts, or to the sides depending on the design chosen. Posts and handrails are available in round, square or even flat bar options to suit every application.

Handrails are typically mounted on top of the posts, however other options are available using various bracket types to achieve a different look.

A surface mounted system which requires appropriate structural support for fixing, the posts may be attached to either concrete, timber or steel structures.

This type of balustrade system is suitable for either residential or commercial applications.