Glass Balustrades Semi-Frameless Balustrade Systems

Semi-Frameless Balustrade Systems

Our range of Semi-Frameless Balustrades offer several choices to complement a wide range of applications. Suitable for either residential or commercial projects, the possibilities are endless.

Semi-Frameless balustrade systems typically have posts that are surface mounted. They can be fixed to either a concrete, timber or steel structure (i.e. decking or a balcony). We can also customise posts to be side fixed to fascias or walls if required. Our range of glass balustrade posts are available in either stainless steel or aluminium, with a range of finishes to suit your needs.

In most applications we use 12mm toughened A-grade safety glass. In addition there are other options available such as tinted or frosted glass in a range of thicknesses. The glass panels can either be attached to the posts with clamps, or inserted into glazing pockets and siliconed in place. The glass fixing method depends on the balustrade system used.

Rail Pro Slotted Series

RailPro Slotted series balustrade

Our Rail Pro Slotted semi-frameless glass balustrade systems use 12mm toughened safety glass, complemented with 316 grade stainless steel or aluminium posts, available in a range of profiles and finishes. RailPro Slotted series posts have glazing pockets down the sides in which the glass panels are inserted into and silicone in place. Handrails are typically Read more…

Rail Pro Clamp Series

Semi-Frameless RailPro Series glass balustrade

Our quality range of Railpro Clamp series balustrade systems use 12mm toughened safety glass, complemented with 316 grade stainless steel fittings. Available in round or square posts and handrails, in either polished or brushed finishes. RailPro Clamp series posts have stainless steel clamps attached to the sides which support the glass panels. Handrails are typically Read more…

Pro Patch Series

Pro Patch series balustrade

Our sophisticated range of Pro Patch glass balustrading options consist of 10mm toughened safety glass with 316 marine grade stainless steel fittings, providing the ultimate architectural balustrade system. Propatch series posts have a series of spider fittings or brackets attached in various ways to which the glass panels are connected using patch fittings. Spider fittings Read more…