Glass Balustrades Frameless Balustrading Systems CH Series Balustrade

CH Series Balustrade

Our Frameless Channel series balustrade provides a very clean, simple appearance. A very popular choice amongst architects in commercial and residential projects.

Glass panels are inserted into an aluminium bottom glazing channel which is then filled with construction grout. Handrails if required can be either mounted on top of the glass, or to the side using brackets. The channel series glass balustrade system can only be used if the balcony has drainage for water to flow, as there are no gaps under the glass.

The bottom glazing channel can be fixed on top of concrete, timber or steel structures.

The channel can be powder coated to match window frames or other features of the building. Handrails are available in stainless steel or aluminium, with options ranging from round, square, brushed or polished finishes.