Glass Balustrades Frameless Balustrade Systems

Frameless Balustrade Systems

Our frameless balustrade systems provide clean simple solutions to maximise the view from your balcony. We provide professional design and installation of frameless glass balustrades Melbourne wide.

All our frameless balustrade systems consist of 12mm toughened A-grade safety glass and high quality 316 grade stainless steel hardware. We guarantee you the safest low maintenance glass balustrade in Melbourne.

In accordance with Australian Standards, frameless glass balustrades protecting a difference in ground level of more than 1 metre must have a handrail. We have many different handrail options to choose from , ranging from 50mm down to slimline 10mm rails. We ensure that our glass balustrade systems are designed to comply with these standards while maintaining a seamless design.

At Totally Frameless we strive to give you the widest possible choices to compliment your building design.

MP Series Balustrade

Frameless MP series Glass balustrades

Our Frameless MP series balustrade is a very popular choice amongst clients. Comprising of 12mm A-grade toughed safety glass and a wide variety of mini posts and handrails to choose from, it is the most versatile and practical style in our glass balustrade product range. Glass panels are inserted into the mini posts which provide Read more…

CH Series Balustrade

Frameless CH series glass balustrade North Melbourne

Our Frameless Channel series balustrade provides a very clean, simple appearance. A very popular choice amongst architects in commercial and residential projects. Glass panels are inserted into an aluminium bottom glazing channel which is then filled with construction grout. Handrails if required can be either mounted on top of the glass, or to the side Read more…

GA Series Balustrade

GA Series balustrade - Kew

Our Frameless Glass Adaptor balustrades offers the ability to side-fix glass panels in situations where other alternatives are not suitable. This system also maximises available space on your balcony. This glass balustrading system offers a side-fixed alternative to maximise the space on your balcony, while providing the most unobtrusive views. Glass panels are fixed using Read more…